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These pictures are from older postings, but I got a renew insight of them so intend to share with you.  This is totally not for Beginers of this QiGong.  You have to at least be a regular for 2 years or more before you can understand what I am about to share.  This is still my foretaste of the real thing: The moving of the “Chong Mai”.  Or the real moving of Sushumna Nadi.

The Position of the Chakras


In this picture it’s easy to see the location of each chakra. Each chakra has a front and a back side. The front side is related to the emotions while the back side is related to the will. The Chinese named the front “Ren Mai”-”Yin” and the Back “Tu Mai”-”Yang”.  Logically, our back is stronger then our front. The interest thing to note is that they actually form a stright line from bottom to top at the centre. With the bottom (1) link directly to the top (7). (1) is to absorb energy from the earth and (7) from the heaven.  The rest are back to back to connect  in the front and at the back of our body. This point (1) to (7) is the beginning and the end of the the "Chong Mai".  I am just amazed at how we are created. 


The meaning of each Chakra -

During the “Pulling of the River Cart” we do the “Lift Anus” and “Stare”. This is what happen: we pull (1) to meet at (6), Slowly the 6B will be felt at 6A. This activate our wisdom. At the same time, We life up 4A with 5A with the “Har” sound at the throat.  These are the easy points to connect, as you can use the sound of “Har” to pull up the Heart Chakra to the throat Charka.  After practising some time, the whole lifting is felt: From 1 lift up all the way to 6A.  This is practising the moving of the “Chong Mai”. Do you see what I am trying to tell you?

The Aura Energy -

When this is developed, you will feel the magnetic field in your body, covering you, outside your body.  They called it the Aura. Shown as above. This is especially easy to feel them,  on cool morning.  When you feel the air is cool, yet it does not touch you.  You seem to have a heat protection covering you.


The Sushumna Nadi -

I can’t tell much still, except that in this picture, there is the yellow line (Yin) flowing down and the blue line (Yang), notice the “Fire” sign, moving up.  At the centre is the white line.  This is the “Chong Mai” .  How do you know you got the Chong Mai moving?  When you are doing the sound healing with “OM”, you breath in and will the Qi to move from anus point to the “Bei Hui” then down to the Lower Tan Tian before doing the “Om” sound.  When without your will power, the Feeling of the Qi sink into the Lower Tan Tian, before your will, you got the ‘Chong Mai” moving. Also, you know the exact point of your Lower Tan Tian.  After that, the whole Void area is warmed up quickly.  From picture of the Sushuma Nadi, notice the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, chakras points in different colours is also relfected on you palm.  When you do the “Drogon swing its tail” these fingers tip connect to the heavenly energy and the toes again. Notice the same connection. The sole of the feet such energy from the earth. Can you see and underestand how inter-connected our body is build up. 

Wow! I am so excited.


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